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Tips for dealing with eLearning Stress

To help reduc­ing stress about trans­fer­ring from in-per­son to eLearn­ing, this resource pro­vides bul­let points on per­son­al affir­ma­tion, prob­lem-solv­ing and sug­gests relax­ation apps that help to decrease online learn­ing anxiety.

Tips for Telehealth at Home for Youth and Teens

This is a resource which focus­es on tele­health ther­a­py for youth and teens and how they are able to trans­fer from in-per­son to online interactions.

Tips for Staying Socially Connected

For indi­vid­u­als who might con­cern about how to con­tin­ue ‘engag­ing’ in social con­nec­tion with oth­ers under the impact of pan­dem­ic and main­tain­ing social dis­tances, this source pro­vides few tips on using tech­niques or ‘tra­di­tion­al’ meth­ods to involve socialization.

Online Learning Trouble-Shooting

Basic tips and trou­bleshoot­ing of tech­ni­cal issues dur­ing online learn­ing for stu­dents are dis­cussed in this source.

Boone County Social Services Database

With sup­port from the Boone Coun­ty Children’s Ser­vices Fund, sev­er­al MU Cen­ters and orga­ni­za­tions recent­ly part­nered to cre­ate a free, search­able data­base of social ser­vice providers in Boone Coun­ty. The data­base pro­vides access to local social ser­vices (includ­ing tele­health ser­vices) such as child­care, food, hous­ing, job train­ing, and counseling.