Brief History

The Very Beginning

The Mis­souri Pre­ven­tion Cen­ter was found­ed in 2007 by Uni­ver­si­ty of Mis­souri fac­ul­ty mem­bers, Wendy Reinke and Kei­th Her­man.  Wheels were put into motion by invit­ing inter­est­ed fac­ul­ty and stu­dents from across cam­pus to a meet­ing in August 2007.  Dur­ing the first two months, after a series of dis­cus­sions with those inter­est­ed par­ty mem­bers, a vision and mis­sion state­ment was devel­oped and the MPC was born.

Dr. Wendy M. Reinke
Dr. Kei­th C. Her­man

Logic Model

MPC logic model-page-001
MPC logic model-page-002

Since fund­ing for endeav­ors such as the MPC are increas­ing­ly depen­dent upon a clear-cut con­cept struc­ture, the next step was to devise a log­ic mod­el for the Cen­ter.  Dis­cus­sions with the team were expand­ed and a broad­er logis­ti­cal and con­cep­tu­al mod­el for the MPC was devel­oped.  Our final log­ic mod­el, which depicts the flow from our vision to our core val­ues and assess­ments that under­lie the core oper­a­tional activ­i­ties of the Cen­ter and can be seen in depth here

The Future

As a team we con­stant­ly strive to uphold the val­ues and mis­sion that our Cen­ter is based upon and con­tin­ue to work to achieve the short- and long-term objec­tives defined in our log­ic mod­el. We look for­ward to con­tin­u­ing our ded­i­ca­tion to a brighter future through our research, the class­es that are offered and the resources that we pro­vide.